One Disaster is Enough. Your Claim Doesn’t Need to Be!


AllClaims Adjustment Company is thoroughly committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction. As a company committed to excellence, your success is our purpose.

“Bill Jacot handled my insurance claim after a winter storm damaged the roof, ceiling, walls, flooring & furniture at my house. The insurance company made an initial payment offer that was very inadequate & I decided then that I needed the service of a public claims adjuster to negotiate on my behalf. This resulted in a settlement four times the amount of the original offer. Best decision I ever made! Bill is trustworthy, thorough & knowledgeable. He kept me posted throughout the claims process which I find reassuring & is always available to answer any questions. Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend Bill Jacot & AllClaims Adjustment Co. to anyone who’s looking for professional help in assisting them with their insurance claims.” ~Susan S.

“Bill Jacot was introduced to me by a co-worker after an AC line in my house leaked, damaging my floors and ceiling. Dealing with the insurance company myself was a nightmare. Bill took that entirely off my hands and handled them in a professional, but stern way. Not only did he take on the full responsibility of dealing with them face to face, through email, and through phone, giving me important details when necessary, he also managed to more than triple the original payment from the insurance company. I would recommend Bill and AllClaims Adjustment to any homeowner looking to have peace of mind when dealing with home insurance claims of any kind.” ~John M.


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