The Public Adjuster Bucks County Residents Count On

With 646,538 residents as of the 2020 Census, Bucks County is Pennsylvania’s fourth most populated county! And with steady growth over the last decades, there are many new homeowners in Bucks County.

Make sure that your Bucks County residence is protected by hiring a public adjuster when filing a homeowner’s insurance claim.

Not only is our company headquartered in Bucks County, but our Principal is also a Bucks County resident who understands the unique nuances of the area.

Whether your home has wind damage from a severe storm, or you have water damage from a burst pipe, we can help. Hiring a Bucks County public adjuster is the first step in solving your headache. We also have an extensive construction background building homes in Bucks County, so we thoroughly understand the costs associated with any of your insurance claims!


Tips For Choosing A Bucks County Public Adjuster

When hiring a public adjuster in Bucks County you need to find a trustworthy, experienced, and dependable individual with a solid understanding of the insurance industry and the capacity to negotiate and communicate well. You are hiring them because you have a claim against your insurance company and you want to be certain you are going to receive a fair payout.

Remember, public adjusters make their living by receiving a portion of your settlement which entices them to work hard for you to receive the highest amount possible. When selecting an adjuster follow these tips:

  1. Ask for referrals and references.
  2. Ask what percentage they will take from your settlement amount as payment
  3. Thoroughly investigate their credentials.

The only worse thing than not having a public adjuster is hiring a bad one!


bill jacot public adjuster

How A Bucks County Contractor Turned Public Adjuster Can Help You!

Owners and operators of construction companies have a deep understanding of all components of the building industry such as the costs of materials and labor which are requirements for a good public adjuster.

Unfortunately, many adjusters do not have first-hand construction knowledge but instead rely on software to help them calculate losses. However, the software is only worthwhile if the adjuster knows the appropriate questions to ask it.

Contractors turned public adjusters have an enormous advantage when identifying building materials, determining which trade groups will be needed, and knowing what permits may be needed.

With 30+ years in the construction industry, we can quickly determine what is needed for a favorable settlement. Contact us today for public adjuster services in Bucks County!


Insurance Claim Types

AllClaims Adjustment Company can help you recover from any disaster covered under your property insurance policy and its endorsements. We have handled claims resulting from:

Storm Damage
Tornado Damage
Water Damage
Wind Damage
Other Damage



If you feel that your hurricane, hail, fire, tornado, or water damage claim has been unfairly denied or mishandled, contact our experienced team today for a free case evaluation.

Call us today at (267) 567-7784!


Where We Serve Clients In Bucks County

We offer public adjustment services in Bucks County. Although we service the entire county, we have many clients in the following areas.

Bucks County
New Hope