Insurance Companies have Adjusters. Why shouldn’t you?

Has your home’s roof or siding been damaged by wind, rain, falling tree limbs, or other elements? Let us help you get your roof and/or siding fully repaired!


Siding and Roofing damage claims happen in many ways. Without proper roofing on your home, a whole multitude of things can happen. A few examples of roofing damage are from the following:

  • Wind
  • Lightning strike
  • Fire
  • Ice and snow
  • Hail

With so many different styles of roofing shingles, types, colors etc. It’s important that you know the proper repair method. When damage occurs most likely the insurance company will try to repair only a small portion of the damaged roof. That is where AllClaims Adjustment comes in.

With our experience of handling similar claims in the past and almost a quarter of a century of construction knowledge, we put it to work for you. We will investigate the type of roofing that you have on the house including determining the age, style, and availability. We are well versed in the local building codes and know each component needed to restore your home up to the current building code. We strive to restore your home to a pre-loss condition. Who wants a patch on their roof that you can see a mile away! The insurance company likes to repair, we like to replace!


Siding damage claims are among the most common types of insurance claims. In Certain years you may experience multiple losses. Some of the types of damage to someone’s property include the following.

  • Vinyl siding blown off and missing
  • Melted vinyl siding from the grill
  • Cracked stucco
  • Cracks in bricks and cultured stone
  • Wood shakes missing
    Missing or damaged aluminum capping
  • Gutter damage

When it comes to siding damage, depending on the extent, the insurance company will compensate you for a minimal amount to basically patch your home. That is where AllClaims Adjustment Company comes in.

We use our past experience of handling similar claims as well as our 25 years of construction knowledge and put it to work for you. We know the local building codes and estimate the damages accordingly. We believe the exterior home should not look like a patch job and will fight for uniformity.

If you have any type of siding and roofing damage to your home feel, call 267.567.7784 or fill out this form for a free property inspection.

We serve all of Bucks County including Doylestown, New Hope, Quakertown, Upper Makefield, Chalfont, Buckingham, Newtown, Solebury, and all surrounding areas.