When The Insurance Company Says No. We Say YES!!!

2018 Tree Damage

Earlier in the year we handled a claim where a tree had fallen on a small house.  It was a huge tree that did an enormous amount of damage.  We handled the claim from start to finish.  After our estimate, we were able to recover the entire roof, most of the stucco on the home including painting the entire house.  Additionally, upon our initial inspection we noticed there was structural damage to the foundation which we were able to incorporate into our estimate.  The total of that claim was almost $25,000.00.

Its always best to give us a call first.  We take you down the proper path to maximize your settlement.

2018 Water Leak

We recently handled a water leak that took place while the homeowner was out for hours.  The water streamed down three floors creating damage under ceramic tile, hardwood flooring... the list goes on.  We were asked to take a look at the insurance company’s estimate of damages that totaled approximately $14,000.00.

Upon our inspection we noticed multiple areas of damage.  We were hired by the homeowner, created our estimate of damages, and then contacted and met with the insurance company back out at the site to re-inspect the property.  After some negotiation the insurance company released almost $31,000.00 additional dollars the same week.

It just goes to show that hiring a Professional Public Adjuster PAYS!

2017 Broken Sewer Line

We handled a denied claim by the insurance carrier regarding a broken sewer line.  This was a referral from the plumbing contractor because the homeowner had to finance the repair due to the broken sewer line which was beneath the concrete slab in the garage. Once we went out to the site we knew this was a covered loss.  We contacted the carrier, met them again at the site and justified the damages.  The claim settled for almost $25,000.00.

Just so you know, we handle a lot of denied claims.  Don’t let them tell you NO! We say YES!

2017 Water Damage

We handled a water claim involving a broken handle on a vanity faucet that ran for three hours while the homeowner was out shopping.  They called the insurance company and the insured received approximately $8,000.00 dollars. They weren’t happy with their settlement so they decided to call AllClaims for a free evaluation.  We handled the claim for the insured, completed our estimate of damages, met the insurance company back out at the residence and after that appointment, the insurance company released an additional $13,000.00!

Just so you know, we can get involved in the same claim even if you already have been paid by the insurance Company.